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zoomardav's Journal

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David is thinking about the meat faerie
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David is a marketer and novelty creator for Archie McPhee in Seattle. Opinions expressed in this blog are his own.

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a mighty wind, alan moore, american movie, andy kaufman, beach boys, beck, belle and sebastian, best in show, bill murray, bob odenkirk, bob zmuda, bowling, brian wilson, buckaroo banzai, butthole surfers, charles fort, charlie kaufman, chris elliott, chris rock, chris ware, christopher guest, columbo, comedy, comedy writing, conan o'brien, conspiracy theories, creativity, crispin glover, dadaism, daniel johnston, dark humor, dave chappelle, david byrne, david cross, david foster wallace, david lynch, david mamet, david sedaris, del close, devo, discordia, dr. strangelove, ed wood, ernie kovacs, flannery o'connor, fortean times, frank black, genius, get a life, grant morrison, guided by voices, haruki murakami, houdini, hypnosis, ibooks, improv, james joyce, jay stephens, jerry lewis, jet city improv, jim woodring, john cleese, john waters, keith johnstone, kids in the hall, landover baptist, laurel and hardy, lincoln monkey, linguistics, macs, mad magazine, magic, mark leyner, marx brothers, memetics, michael o'donoghue, monkeys, monty python, mount awesome, mr. show, my dog, nairobi trio, national comment, national lampoon, neuro-linguistic programming, neutral milk hotel, of montreal, orson welles, patton oswalt, paul reubens, pee wee herman, penn and teller, pet sounds, pete bagge, peter falk, peter sellers, phil hine, philip k. dick, pinball, poker, propaganda, psychotronic film, pug dogs, pugs, raymond carver, renaldo and the loaf, richard pryor, ricky jay, roald dahl, robert anton wilson, robert smigel, robyn hitchcock, rowan atkinson, rudy rucker, saturday night live, seattle, seven soldiers, sherlock holmes, shunryu suzuki, sketch, sketch comedy, spinal tap, stanley kubrick, steve martin, strangers with candy, subgenius, surrealism, the beach boys, the big lebowski, the coen brothers, the daily show, the filth, the flaming lips, the invisibles, the office, the onion, the residents, the unicorns, theatresports, tim burton, todd solondz, tony clifton, tristan tzara, ufos, unexpected productions, vietnamese food, waiting for guffman, wes anderson, william burroughs

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