David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Come for the coffee, stay for the condiments

I enjoy watching people who think they've found a way to take advantage of businesses.

Whether it's simply taking a few extra ketchup packets or tucking rolls of toilet paper into their jacket, it always makes me laugh at how far people will push stores, basically daring to them to call it stealing.

Not that it's that harmful. It's even expected in some cases. Nancy always packs away the shampoo at her hotels so they'll give her a fresh supply when they clean the room. I take way more than my share of condiments when I eat out. More than one teriyaki shop owner has had the talk with me about how much I use.

My favorite example recently was a guy at Costco. While we ate a slice of pizza in the food court, he came in with multiple potato sack sized plastic bags. He didn't buy anything, he just carefully walked up the drink dispenser, put his bag under the ice machine and began filling it up. He probably took about five pounds of ice and no one said anything. From the aggressive stance he had on the way out, you could tell he was basically daring someone to say something.

The ice, after all, was free, right?

Today at Starbucks, the couple in front of us both ordered iced lattes. They were very large people - one with a cane, the other with a walker. They stood in the drink preparation area, blocking it off from other people, as if they were leaning against a bar, and sipped their drinks. Every time they took a sip they would pick up the pitcher of half and half and fill up the empty spot in their glass.

This went on for a long time. They had to get a new pitcher of half and half. By the time they left, they both had giant cups of half an half and sugar in the raw.

It's free right?

I've decided to call their drink a Power Shake. Start with a latte and work your way to pure half and half in 3,000 calories.

Dare the people at Starbucks to say anything. The customer is always right.
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