David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Tomohito Wakizaki and Me

Japanese film star(?) Tomohito Wakizaki stopped by the Archie McPhee store today to film an episode of a TV show where Japanese stars and their fans visit locations where English is spoken.

What? You don't know who he is? Well this little fan made video on YouTube should explain his appeal.

Very little communication took place. For some reason they wanted to dress Tomohito as Batman, but we only had a few Batman costume pieces. After much blurting of single words (Clothes! Wings! Bataman!) I intuited that they were looking for more Batman costume pieces.
Japanese Star Tomohito Wakizake as Batman!

Since we only had things like a cowl and utility belt, they had to settle for a vampire cape. That seemed ok, but they kept discussing his chest. I ran over and grabbed a giant rubber bat and slapped it on his chest. That got a giant laugh. Either it was actually funny or they were laughing at me. I have no idea.

Since it's Halloween, the people working at the store are also in costume. Which made for some odd pictures. We have no idea who he is, but it's still funny to see a picture of Ghost Rider, Mister Bacon and Tomohito Wakizaki.

Tomohito Wakizake with Ghost Rider and Bacon

As you can see, Bacon was particularly impressed with the experience.
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