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The other day I was driving around Greenlake and ended up in the right hand turn lane at one of Seattle's crazy five way intersections three cars back from the front. The light changed to green and the car at the front of the line didn't move. I could the first car's driver talking on the phone with really animated arms. There was a lot of honking and cursing, but the line didn't move. Eventually the light went back to red.

The guy in front of me got out, furious, and tapped on the window of the first car. The guy on his phone waved him away, but he kept tapping. The driver rolled his window down and screamed, "Can't you see I'm on the phone! How can you be so rude?"

Then, he rolled his window back up. The other guy got back in his car and started the dangerous maneuvering necessary to pass. But, when the light turned green the guy on his phone drove quickly through the intersection and pulled over. He flicked all of us off as we drove past.

We deserved it, after all, we were very rude to him.
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