David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

I Wish Someone Would Stop Me

Nancy and I had lunch at the Costco food court. Next to us was a five or six year old boy with a slice of pizza in front of him. The adults with him were all up filling drinks and getting napkins so he was alone. He wanted to talk to me. He kept looking over at me slyly and saying, "Combo, combo, it's a combo slice. Combo."

Then, he opened up a little packet of parmesan cheese and started shaking it out on his pizza. "I love cheese." He stretched the "love" out to emphasize his affection and attract my attention.

Then, he opened another pack and another. All the while talking about how much he loves cheese. Then, his tone changed.

"I'm putting an awful lot of cheese on this pizza. I wish someone would tell me to stop."

His eyes darted over to me and back to the now completely white pizza.

"I really wish someone would talk some sense into me. I'm putting way too much cheese on this pizza."

He opened another packet of cheese and started pouring it out.

"I wish someone had stopped me, now there's too much cheese on the pizza for me to enjoy it. It's pretty much ruined. I won't enjoy eating it."

The adults sat down and no one looked over at him. The boy took a bite of the pizza and made a sad face, looking at me to make sure I noticed.

If only I had stopped him, his pizza would have been much better.
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