David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

How to order...

Went to Quiznos for lunch today and told the lady what kind of sandwich I wanted. She sighed and pointed to the sign above her head. "For here or to go, she asked."

I told her and then followed the directions, although I didn't make it a combo even though it commanded me to do so.

The people behind me in line got an even more curt comment from the person making sandwiches. "Just look at the sign!"

If you have to have a sign to tell people how to order, maybe you should change the way you take orders rather than putting the blame on your customers.

Also, I have ordered here before and said, "For here, honey boubon chicken on white with no tomatoes and no onions."

They ask, "Honey bourbon, right?"


"What kind of bread?"


"Everything on that?"

And so on.
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