David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Old Showbiz Stories

I love reading old showbiz biographies and autobiographies. My favorites are biographies of comedians that were old enough to perform in vaudeville. The world changed so substantially from the time they started to perform until they wrote their books that their stories that were once hilarious are now mostly inappropriate. You know what I mean, overt racism, kids who deserved to get punched by their famous fathers and mob killers heralded as heros and fantastic friends.

The greatest source for these stories is Jerry Lewis. There is no topic he does not have an opinion on and his emotions run high.

I picked up a copy of Dean & Me (A Love Story), written by Jerry Lewis, for about a dollar at a used bookstore and it is FANTASTIC for these kinds of stories. I reprint my favorite below.

One morning, with only two days left before our opening, I got out of bed and started to brush my teeth. When I looked in the mirror I saw that my face was yellow to the gills. I phoned Dr. Levy who made a house call (they still did that then). He told me I had hepatitis and the only way I'd be able to recover from it was complete bed rest. For eight weeks.

WIth the opening on top of us, there were two options: We could cancel, or Dean could go on alone. WIth the buildup we'd had, cancellation seemed out of the question. But I wasn't sure how Dean felt about doing his first single in eight years.

He came to visit me at my house that afternoon. When he walked into my bedroom, I was ready - in a coolie hat and a Japanese waistcoat, with a record of "Japanese Sandman" playing on the phonograph. Dean almost fell on the floor laughing.
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