David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

It's Irony, You Wouldn't Understand...

I was down at Pike Place Market a few days ago heading to a rehearsal. As I walked toward the theater I was next to a young girl pushing her very old grandfather in a wheelchair. She was talking to him about the market in one of those overly bright sing-songy voices people use to talk to babies or the elderly. His face was stuck in a frown. She was trying so hard to cheer him up, I half-expected her to lean over and start tickling him while saying, "Who's the cutest 90 year old in the world? You are! You are!"

As her endless stream of cheerful nothings went on, we were passed by a kid with those roller skate shoes on. You know, the ones with the wheels that pop out. He rolled past us, squeezing between the people in front of us and zooming ahead.

The girl's conversation turned to the shoes immediately, "I bet you wish you'd had shoes like that when you were little. Kids have it so much better now than in your day. But, I guess you're on wheels now. Just look at how happy he is on those shoes. You missed out on that!"

The kid on the wheels hit something on the sidewalk and fell face-forward onto the brick street. He got up quickly, but he was obviously stunned. There was a red scuff on his face and he was wiping his hands on his pants.

The girl yelped, "Oh no. He's hurt."

The old man started laughing really hard, in a breathy loud exhalation, bouncing up and down in his chair.

"What's so funny, grandpa?"

He waved his hand up in front of her face without looking away from the kid, "It's irony, you wouldn't understand."
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