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The Improvised Puppet News

Discarded Puppet

Of course the two big improv groups of Seattle, by pure chance, both decided to do improvised news shows at the same time. Just got back from seeing Jet City's Breaking News show, which is very funny and features some great character work.

The other show, the one I directed, features puppets doing the news from a puppet perspective. I'm excited. It opens tomorrow and it's going to be great. More than just playing the characters, all of the actors really seem to be possessed by the characters they play.

Our show is fun, smart but also incredibly silly. Basically, like Greg the Bunny, we imagine that puppets exist alongside humans as a minority. One of the puppets, Stone Plushman, was a puppet activist who petitioned the government for a puppet news channel. Instead of a national network like CNN, he was given a local Seattle news show in a run down station.

I can seriously say that I have never laughed harder at rehearsal shows than I have at this show during the last few weeks. It may not be high art, but it's a blast to watch smart, funny people at the top of their game playing characters they love.

If you would like to come see the opening tomorrow night, Friday, just let me know and I'll set you up with a comp.

WPET: Hard News From Soft Puppets
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