David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Choking Bendy is Very Bad Luck


That's Bendy, one of the earliest Archie McPhee products. (We actually have the original pencil sketch the owner sent to the factory to get them made. It looks like a quickly drawn stick figure. With gloves. And shoes.) We just decided to relaunch him with new packaging. You might have noticed that he sits a bit high on his packaging and that his head actually obscures part of the text.

He was supposed to have a single loop around his neck and sit in the center of the cardboard. Usually, we would just get this strange packaging delivered to us and we would email back and forth with the factory trying to figure out why they changed our packaging and made it more complicated. In this case, our owner was actually visiting the factory when the decision was made.

He was there just before Chinese New Year and was especially happy to be there when they were producing Bendy because it's one of his favorite products. As he walked past, there was some dissension on the line and a long discussion followed. He took this picture:


The people working the line didn't want to put the clear plastic band around Bendy's neck. They thought that it might represent killing a happy man or just plain murdering happiness and bring bad luck for the following year. He, of course, didn't push the issue and the production went on with the quickly made decision to put two loops around the chest. We don't want to be responsible for anyone's bad luck.

They assure us the next batch will have the loop around the neck. We choose to view this as the customer being able to release happiness when they buy Bendy. Until then, Bendy will wear his happy harness and cover up part of his logo. I guess that makes him collectable and extra lucky.
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