David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Because I love you...

...and William Shatner, I am posting this tape of him during a recording session. This is not the famous "sabotage" session, it's entirely different. The Shat is reading an intro to some advertisement and the guy in the booth starts giving him directions on how to read it. Irritating. So, The Shat reads it again incorporating the notes. The guy still doesn't like it, so Shat has him read it out loud how he wants it. So, then he exactly mimics the guy's tone and cadence. It just gets more fun from there! Shat won't let it go!

This is recorded off the radio, so you hear the people laughing over the top.

Listen to the recording here! (For about the next week)
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