David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Busy busy busy...

I was on NPR's Morning Edition this morning! A nice short piece about Archie McPhee and our impact on popular culture.

I am also starting rehearsals for two shows. I get to play the big villain in Where's Earth, an improvised "star trek meets old school battlestar galactica" episodic show. I think I got cast as The Evil One because the director thought it was hilarious to think of me as evil. Check out my picture in the cast list to see the director's vision of me.

Also, I'm directing an improvised puppet show called The Cotton Gin WPET which is set behind the scenes at a local puppet-centric newscast. You know, news from the puppet perspective. I'm really enthusiastic about it, we have a great cast and the show will be great.

Not to mention keeping Creative Creativity going. So far, it has been fun and I'm learning about promoting a blog. The rules outside of Live Journal are very different.

Oh, and it looks like the Remote Controlled Hopping, Yodeling Lederhosen video and website might be hitting viral proportions! Yes!
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