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David is thinking about the meat faerie

The Remote Controlled Hopping, Yodeling Lederhosen - A Joke Too Far?

It started with the Windup Hopping Lederhosen. One of the designers at Archie McPhee, Gibson, drew up a pair of Lederhosen for a brainstorming meeting. Everyone liked them, but no one really thought they would work as a product. Too obscure. The joke almost felt too private. Did people even know what Lederhosen were?

Gibson stuck the drawing up in his cubicle and there it stayed for four years. It got brought up occasionally and went through many forms. Should they glow in the dark? Perhaps squeak Lederhosen? Eventually, it got settled that they should be windup hopping lederhosen. Any other adjective would overcomplicate an already surreal novelty item. Would our private joke become a slightly more widely accepted joke? A lot of what we sell is a publicly available private joke. If you get it, you're on the inside.

Well, the owner decided to take a chance on it and it took off like a rocket. It has consistently been one of our best sellers since it was introduced. It has become the item that people use to describe how strange our company's products are. Archie McPhee? They're the ones that sell the Hopping Lederhosen and the Bacon Bandages.

We have been nervous to even attempt to alter the product in any way or expand on the joke. But, that was before we came up with a perfect avenue for expansion. What if lederhosen could yodel?

That meant that some electronic equipment needed to be included in the product. Once you have a battery involved you might as well use it to make the pants hop too, right? So, they became Battery Operated Hopping, Yodeling Lederhosen. But, how would you operate them? A switch or button would require you to actually touch the product or pick it up to operate it. Activating it without steadying it with your other hand would knock it over. No, this would require a remote controlled. You know, for convenience. And stuff.

The first sample they sent had a remote control the size of a brick. It was actually larger than the lederhosen. The pants were attached to the remote by a thick cord. One benefit of a remote this large was that the batteries could be in the remote and power the entire mechanism. Oh and what power it was. When the button was pressed, yes it was a giant box with a single button on top, the lederhosen flung themselves down to the ground and had a seizure as they twisted in a circle and yodeled at Alps-echoing volumes.

They sent us a series of prototypes, each one slightly closer to perfection. Finally, they got the mechanism down to a manageable size. In fact it was so small we decided it would fit inside of a knockwurst. You know, because it fits thematically. And stuff. It's funny Ok?

The product arrives this weekend and I can't wait to see how it's accepted. Will it fly? Or will it fall to earth, having flown too close to the sun?

To help, we've created this flash cartoon and video to try and explain the product. Click here to check it out. (I got to play the voice of the German!)

Here;s our low tech video. (That's my hand manipulating the knockwurst. Wait, that came out wrong...)

Sometime tomorrow, you'll be able to buy it here.
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