David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Product Samples! Toy Breasts! Asian Michael Jackson! Magic IQ Puzzles!

Joke Breast - Toy Breasts For Kids

Here is a strange toy. Breasts with stickum the back that kids are supposed to stick all over their bodies. You know, breasts on the fingers, knees and cheeks will go over real well at school. Not that kids won't think they're funny.

Check out the warnings on the bottom of the package. Except for the first one it is good advice for actual breasts as well. But sunshine in moderation is fine, right?

Directions On The Back of Key Puzzle - Engrish

It may look like a typical metal puzzle, but really it has "strong magic power". It will also continuously improve the IQ of a brain. But watch out, it has an attraction to people over 5 and under 100. This may be the pinnacle of technological achievement. At least that's what the package says.

To Be King of Pop Costume - Engrish

It looks like they just pulled someone off the line at the factory and got them to wear this Michael Jackson costume. He looks so... um... natural. Not creepy at all.

Click on pictures for larger versions!
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