David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

My Knee Hurts, but Nothing Serious

Of all the stupid ways to hurt myself, pretending to be thrown against a tree by a nine foot tall bigfoot with glowing red eyes is probably one of the stupidest.

It was an improv show, so it doesn't even pay much.

The giant invisible bigfoot was supposed to be picking me up and throwing me against a tree, so I couldn't half-ass it. I screamed and bounced my body off the back of the stage. As soon, as I bounced off, I knew I was going to fall into the metal banister of the stairway that leads up to the backstage area.

Being tall and gangly, I learned a lot about falling when I was young. I could bounce back from the banister, which would hurt my leg less but risk me bouncing my unprotected head off the concrete of the stage, or I could let the force of my bounce carry me over the banister and onto the carpeted stairs. I chose to go forward because I could use my hands to slow my fall.

After my knee hit the banister, hard, I flipped over it. That part didn't hurt, I cushioned my upper body with my arms, but my knee was already throbbing.

frogboy29, who was narrating the story, actually mimed a remote control and said, "Pause." Then, he walked over to the side of the stage to make sure I was ok. When he saw that I was, he pressed play and the show started again.

I did the rest of that show and then a Theatresports show after that. My knee was a little stiff, but not that bad. Today, it's throbbing and bruised.

The next time a bigfoot is picking me up and throwing me against a tree trunk, it's going to be a lot less impressive.

mallymalcontent bloodied his sock playing a tap dancer in an earlier show and jeremyrichards fell off the stage in the same show I did. He did it quietly and managed to kick an audience member in the process. Just a little bit.

Improv hurts.
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