David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Hi, of course I remember you, uh, umm...

I have a terrible mental block against remembering names. It all started in my miserable high school years and except for the few people that I hung around with, I don't remember any names. I remember the names of about five teachers from high school and two professor names from college.

cukebrian will attest to my difficulties as I often use him as my improv crutch to remember who people are. I sometimes email him out of the blue with a name and he reminds me where I know someone from.

A while ago, I was looking for an old friend so I signed up for classmates.com. I looked through the list of people in my graduating class trying to conjure up faces or any association with all the names there. I recognized one and seemed to remember him playing football. Other than that, nothing.

But, classmates.com continues to try and entice me to come back by sending my the profiles of people I graduated with. Guess who this is! Here's one I got today:

Q: What is most important to you at work?
A: Harmonious work environment

Q: How would you describe your current work life?
A: Work full-time

Q: What would you do if you could take a month off from work? (Check all that apply)
A: Work around the house

Q: If you won $100 million tomorrow, what would you do?
A: Retire immediately - give notice by postcard

Q: What's the highest level of education you've completed?
A: Associate degree

Here is my translation of that. I am miserable in my current job and hate it. There are problems there, but I blame them all on other people, nothing is my fault. In my time off, I work around the house. Work work work. If I didn't have to work anymore, I wouldn't do anything at all and I'd never have to talk to those assholes again. No goals, no future except a slow decline into death.

Boy, I sure would like to hook up with them! They're all like that. Misery after misery laid bare on classmates.com. Not that they care about me. Two people have visited my profile since I signed up and I think one of them was Nancy. The other was probably my sister.

Then, when I looked on myspace for people I graduated with, the story changed. The people who followed their dreams are on myspace.

I actually don't remember any of these people, but they certainly inhabit my mind. I've either played them as characters in improv or written them into sketches.


I imagine this guy, named Aaron, was quiet during school. I probably sat next to him in some classes. The caption for the photo says that this is one of his children.


This guy plays "Captain Jack" at Ren Faires and does artwork for fantasy books and games. He's self-employed and makes a good living. He has a wife that also plays characters at Ren Faires and they look happy together. Yay!


I probably hung around with this guy, but I have no idea. He owns his own motorcycle repair shop and goes by the screen name Burnout. He sounds happy.

I'm just glad to know that there are at least three people, well four including me, from my high school that aren't miserable zombies.

Man, I hated high school. Random violence and boring idiots were two big factors.

Is there a site you can go to find people from your high school that are in prison?

I should probably do something about not being able to remember names. It's embarrassing.
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