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Catching Up

I haven't really had time to sit down and write any updates this week, so this one is kind of a catch up entry.
Bought Nancy a Nintendo DS Lite so she could play Brain Age and Big Brain Academy. I also got her Nintendogs. It's not really a game so much as a virtual puppy that you can play with. I had seen a clip from it and it looked cute.

I figured she would have a virtual pug to keep her company when she travelled. I set her up with a pug puppy and named it Roscoe. Huge mistake.

You see, you are actually required to talk to the dog in the game. If you want him to approach the screen, you have to say his name. You also have to speak commands. So, you sit with the game in front of you screaming, "Roscoe, come here. Roscoe. Roscoe! Sit. Roscoe sit. Good dog."

Needless to say that this game is disturbing and irritating to the actual Roscoe. He is jealous and confused. He spent a half hour in Nancy's lap watching her play the game.

And to start the game over, we'd need to get rid of Roscoe. Which is oddly sad. I wish we could rename him. Maybe... Nigel.
I have another sketch up this week on National Comment. For Seattle folks, Mark Shone did a great job.
Found this in a Johnson Smith Novelty Catalog from 1943. You can get a mask of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito or Ghandi. Ghandi?!? What the hell did he do to deserve a spot on this page? You can read the text on a larger version of the picture, click if you want, but I'll give you the best line, "Slip on one of these Hitler masks and then try looking into your friends' windows -- they'll never get over seeing Hitler in person, looking in on the party!"
Johnson Smith Catalog Page, 1943
And, because it's my journal, a couple of pug pictures. Otherwise, you might not recognize it.
Pug PunkTrouble Waking Up
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