David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie


You know those companies that promise that they'll help you patent your invention and then distribute it to companies hungry for new ideas. Well, somehow I have been put on the list of people who are hungry for new ideas. About twice a week a get a packet from one of three invention companies full of pamphlets.

Each pamphlet represents an idea, but they don't tell you the idea because then you might steal it. Instead, they have each person write out the benefits and attractive points of their invention so that you will sign a release to hear about it.

One today said, "A new idea in crayons for children. A way for children to color different than what they currently do. Children are attracted to colors and this is a colorful product. Designed by a mother of 3. Cheap to produce with high potential for profit. Looks good on store shelves."

Another said, "A new game that teaches children to read. Designed by a teacher. Fun and easy to learn. A good way for parents to help their children improve grades. Streamlined production methods lead to high profits."

I throw them all away and it makes me a bit sad. I'm sure if I saw the actual idea, I wouldn't be sad. I'd probably make fun of it and then throw it away.

Of course, there's the other route. I got a call yesterday from a guy that said, "Hello, I'm interested in starting a toy and novelty company along the lines of what you guys do. Same kind of stuff. Is there any way I could meet with you and pick your brain for a while about how to go about it? If that's not possible, could I just get a list of the factories you work with and your contacts? Thanks for your help..."
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