David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

My day...

Ah, you can always tell when Nancy is traveling if you know me in real life. (Is that the right term? Real life? Brick and mortar life?) I start to talk to Roscoe more and more. In fact, I get to the point where I won't do things without asking his opinion. His response is always the same blank faced stare that he gives every time I take his picture next to socks or semi-demolished houses.

I usually try and talk to him less if I know people are around, but I've been getting looser and looser with that. This morning I was talking to him and someone said "hi" to me as they walked past and I nodded at them but indicated that I needed to finish my thought.

Roscoe told me not to worry about it. But, it's possible I'm just projecting on him what I want to hear. (By "possible" I mean that it is definitely me projecting. I'm writing "possible" so I don't hurt his feelings...)

This afternoon, a man walked past us while we were walking and gave a disapproving grunt as Roscoe peed on a tree. Roscoe looked over at me and I said, "Don't worry, he's just being mean. It's not anybody we care about." Roscoe went back to sniffing around.

I looked up and the man hadn't stopped walking, but his head was twisted around staring at me.

Not that it mattered, it wasn't anybody we cared about.
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