David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

So, you'd like to be funnier...

Amazon recommended this to me and I have to admit, it is the best guide to being funny I have ever read. I am lifting the text and reprinting it without permission. The original lives here.

Well let's get started, fist thing to being funny is listening, get the gist of the place your at, there scence of humor, the things that they are interested in. Another thing to do is to memorize moments in television or the news. (selebraties are a good thing to) Say the conversation was about the kind of computer that they are looking into buying. you might say, DON'T BUY AN APPLE COMPUTER, YOU MIGHT GET HUNGRY. THE TEMPTATION IS UNBARABLE. Timing is everything, don't say OH OH! I KNOW, UMM... DON'T EAT IT! that shows that you are desprete.
Don't laugh at your own jokes! if you do, well it ruins the way that it is presented. If you tell a joke and you are about to laugh at it, ask yourself, why are those people laughing? that wasn't even funny. Take a breath let them finish there conversation. On halloween, sombody says, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING OF BEING FOR HALLOWEEN? it is ok to set yourself up for a joke. I WAS PLANNING OF BEING SOMTHING HORRIFIYING, MAYBE UM... I DUNNO A TROLL OR BRITNY SPEARS. Celebs are a good way to make people to laugh because chances are, poeple will know who you are talking about.
Recovery is important, if you tell a bad joke, you can get into a okward situation. To recover from a bad joke you say somthing like BOTOX HUH? YA IT IS REALLY HARD TO FAKE LAUGH AT A BAD JOKE AFTER THAT STUFF. if you don't want to insult them by saying somthing about botox then you should just say, I GOT KICKED OUT OF CLOWN SCHOOL BEFORE THEY GOT TO THE RECOVERY OF A BAD JOKE PART.
Stay away from the comical insulting, that can end in a okward and nasty situation.
My favorite way to make people laugh is to read up on those joke books and then change the joke enough so that it turns into a first person joke about you. Like the joke is "The piolet of the plane had the flew." You say, SORRY I AM LATE, MY PLANE PIOLET HAD THE FLEW."
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