David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Wedding Singer

I don't really enjoy watching sports. But, I'm afraid that's no excuse for what I did instead of watching the Super Bowl. You see, a friend called and said that all the season ticket holders at a local theater had cashed in their tickets because they wanted to watch the game and, as a result, the theater was basically just giving away tickets.

I asked what it was. Turns out, it's a preview of a Broadway bound musical based on an Adam Sandler movie. Yeah, I went to see the stage musical version of The Wedding Singer rather than watch the Super Bowl. When we got there, the theater was filled with really old people and teenagers.

It wasn't very good. (I know. Duh.) There are some real problems. The first is that it's a story about a cover band and they don't perform any cover songs. In this show, they play broadway songs with guitar and synth behind them that sound like other songs. Both the movie and show are just long lists of 80's references. It's like watching VH1 during an I Love the 80s marathon. "It's so funny when that lady says, 'Where's the beef!'"

The second act is mostly a string of bland ballads until the wedding in Vegas. It's so hard to watch obviously talented people performing crap.

Fortunately, Seattle crowds are notoriously forgiving and gave them a standing ovation. Granted, a lot of the standing people were actually leaning on their walkers, but it still counts.

My favorite bit of the show was actually the conversation of the teen couple next to me.

He was whispering loudly in her ear and saying.

"I'm just fantasizing, baby! FANASIZING! I want to see you on all fours wearing nothing but those boots."

She grunted and pushed him away a bit.

"I'm just thinking, baby. Thinking." And then he drew it out long and changed the vowel. " Thanking. THAAAAANKING, about coming into the room and you're wearing a g-string."

She pushed him away and told him to stop.

"It's just thinking, baby. Nothing wrong with thinking. Thinking about your boobs."

Then, the show started. They both liked it very much.
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