David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

I am 100% for Devo 2.0

Devo decided to remake their band as a kid's band. The original members play the music, while kids sing slightly reworked lyrics. They call it Devo 2.0.

Uncontrollable Urge is now about a snack attack that must be dealt with now!
Beautiful World now ends not with "It's a beautiful world for you, but not for me", but with "It's a beautiful world for you, I guess me too!"

You can hear 9 of the songs on the Disney site. (Just click on the videos link.)

Why am I so for something that has been denounced by so many Devo fans? I'll tell you why. If they had done this at the height of their fame, I would have thought it was brilliant. It's a performance art piece with potential commercial appeal. Brilliant. Devo was, at best, a cult band with one hit in the scope of pop culture. So, why should it be any less brilliant to do this now? Like it's destroying memories of the band. Yawn. I'm so tired of that argument.

If this is selling out, I'm for it. No one complained when they did an album of Muzak versions of their songs, how is this any different? This is a band that included a catalog on the sleeve of their albums so that you could buy their plastic hair and yellow clean-suit outfits. They sell action figures of themselves on their site. (Well, one action figure with five heads.)

My wish is that The Residents do the same thing next. Smelly Tongues is ripe for a kid cover.
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