David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Bad Customer Service At Macy's

I usually don't use my journal to complain, but Nancy and I just had the strangest bad shopping experience at Macy's in downtown Seattle. Nancy and I have both worked in retail for years, so we're hard to shake up. If anything, we're too patient because we don't want to make waves. This was just such terrible customer service, I had to post about it.

Macy's was having a jewelry sale and Nancy was going to pick up a few pairs of earrings to make up for the ones she's left behind in hotels during the year.

It took Nancy about ten minutes to pick out five pairs of earrings in the Fine Jewelry department. The lady, Delores, that was helping her was odd, but it wasn't a complicated purchase so Nancy wasn't too worried.

The trouble started when she started to check us out. The jewelry was 50% off with an additional 20% after that. It took the lady 20 minutes to ring it up! 20 minutes of puttering around on a calculator to figure out the discount. I told her that it might be faster if she just figured out 60% off. She told me I didn't understand graduated sales and that it was 50 and 20, not 60. Right. I don't understand math.

When Nancy got the receipt, the prices were completely random. They didn't appear to be based at all on the actual prices of the items she purchased and the cashier had removed all the price tags from the earrings, Nancy and I assume, in retrospect, that the woman was just hitting random numbers and had no idea how math works. Like a three year old just hitting buttons on a keyboard pretending to type like daddy. Nancy started to try and point out the mistakes, but realized that the women didn't understand math enough to understand why she was wrong. As near as we can figure, one of the earrings actually got more expensive after the discount.

So, Nancy asked her to void the purchase. At this point we wanted to go home. No one wants to spend that much time in Macy's staring at someone pushing random buttons on a calculator. That was when the horror began. When another employee approached and tried to help Delores, she ended up literally throwing her hands in the air in frustration and storming off cursing under her breath.

After 25!! more minutes, I went to another counter and asked them to call me a manager. I told them we'd been there for almost an hour getting rung up for five earrings. They told me that there were no managers on duty and I said, "Well, then call security because I'm gonna lose my temper in a minute and then we'll be able to leave because they can throw us out. I just want to go home. She won't even give us back our credit card."

Luckily, the lady laughed and called Katie the manager. As soon as Katie got there, she asked what resolution I wanted. I said we just wanted the sale voided and to leave. She swooped in, did the void and we were gone in about two minutes.

The whole transaction took over an hour. What a nightmare. Because Delores had cut all the prices off the jewelry and the prices weren't even slightly right, we didn't feel like we could come back the next day and return them. We had to do it right then.

As soon as we got the receipt, we ran out of the store. Bizarre.
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