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Be the first buyer in your COUNTRY! NEW!!

I'm in the middle of being so busy at work I'm just exhausted all the time. However, I wanted to pass along this advertising email I got today in its original twisted Engrish.

You'll love it!

Dear Valued Customers,

We are glad to introduce our brand new products- Funny ashtray + Shocking UFO.

This ashtray is designed to look like real pair of lungs. As you place your cigarette on the trough, it starts coughing and screaming as though the cigratte is lighted up in a real lung! Great novelty and fun gift for the ardent smoker.

If you give in and light up, this nutty novelty ashtray will reming you just what the future holds. As soon as you place your cigarette in it, it brusts into a disturbingly realistic'60 a day' coughing or screaming fit. Will you really be able to pick up your fag for another drag with the sound of the damage you're doing ringing in your ears?

The Coughing and Screaming Ashtray might not turn you into a clean-living, clean-lunged type overnight, but it does add a touch of fun to a depressing experience. It makes a great novelty present in watching them think they're going loopy as their ashtray splutters away.

1. Open battery compartment found underneath the ashtray and insert 2 size "AA" batteries then close it securely.
2. Place a cigarette onto one of the troughs and hear the lung cough like its chocking.
3. Place a cigratte onto the other trough and hear the lung scream like its burning."


We are glad to introduce our brand new idea item- Shocking UFO

This game is similar to that of a rouletter game.

This product will enter roulette game mode when mode key A is pressed. Each player uses two fingers to press and hold down two function keys in the game port. The 4 groups of lights start to flash in a circulative way, accompained by intense alarm sound. The flashes of the lights circulate more and more rapidly, creating a more and more suffocating state. Then, to really make you sweat, the lights and electronic beeps disappear! By this point, you have no idea where it's going to. Suddenly, the one who's off his luck will sustain an electric shock. Only those who have personally experienced such a shock can tell the instantaneous pain caused by the shock. No player in this roulette game can control his own fate. Victory or defeat needs to be decided by the will of Heaven.
The mild electric shock is generated by plate old household AA batteries (included with the game) and is completely harmless.
Great idea product! Experience the fun game and courage test!!!

This is a brand new product, you probably will be the first buyer in your country.

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