David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Criminal Act

As far as I'm concerned, some lies are so blatant and obvious that it can't be the teller's responsibility when they're believed. For instance, if I said to you that I was a magic gnome and that I was gifting you with the ability to fly, would I be a criminal if you jumped off a bridge in an attempt to fly over a traffic jam?

No court would convict me.

It it weren't for the fact that he's obviously getting his sexual jollies from the experience and destroying lives, the guy described in this article would qualify as a brilliant performance artist.

You've probably heard about him before, he calls fast food place and says that he's a policeman. One of the young ladies on staff is a thief. He gets a manager to take her back to the office and strip her to search for stolen merchandise. In one case he even convinced the manager that the young staff member should perform sexual acts on him as punishment for how bad she's been.

Here's another shocking fact. He's able to do this more than one out of every ten times he tries.

People believe him and destroy their lives as they blindly follow orders. Just amazing.

The article is really long and detailed. It ends with:

"I can understand how people can question what he did," Schmidt said. "But they weren't in the same position. Maybe you and I wouldn't have done this, but how do we know?

I can conclusively say that I would never do it. Never. And that anyone who does do it is an idiot.

What an interesting peek into human nature. People are creepy.
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