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Upright Citizens Brigade

The theater where I perform, Unexpected Productions, is hosting the UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) touring company this Sunday for two shows. You might remember that their founding members had a good sketch comedy show on Comedy Central.

Of course, this being the touring company, you won't get Amy Poehler, but you will get what they consider the most talented performers in their very popular improv theater. Their show is half-sketch and half-improv. These are the folks who will be next in line for SNL, sketches on Conan O'Brien and bit parts in all those reality shows where they fool people with improv actors.

AND, because you read my journal, you can get tickets for $14 instead of $16 dollars just by clicking here.

UNEXPECTED PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS THE UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE TOURING COMPANY First ever Seattle appearance by touring arm of famed NY comedy theater

Sunday, November 6, 2005
Performances: 7pm and 9pm
Improv workshop: noon - 3pm
Market Theater
1428 Post Alley in Pike Place Market
The touring company of the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre in New York makes a rare, one-night-only appearance in Seattle at the Market Theatre, home of Unexpected Productions and Theatresports. The UCB Touring Company will present two performances of sketch comedy and improv on Sunday, November 6th. In addition, members of the UCB Touring Company will present a workshop on improv comedy from noon to 3pm, also at the Market Theatre.

Since opening in 1998, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has emerged as one of the premier comedy venues in the country. UCB performers and alumni have infiltrated every facet of the country's comedy scene. From TV shows like Saturday Night Live, MadTV, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart, MTV's Boiling Points, VH1's Best Week Ever and A-Z, to films such as Road Trip, Old School, Starsky & Hutch, Elf and Anchorman to countless national commercials, you've seen UCB performers. Entertainment Weekly calls their work "twisted and uproarious," and Conan O'Brien said that the UCB Theatre "is doing the type of manic, original, inventive stuff I'm always interested in."

The UCB Touring Company is presented by Unexpected Productions, recently voted "Favorite Fringe Theater Company" on NWSource.com and the producers of Seattle's longest running show, Theatresports. The Market Theatre is a smoke-free and all-ages venue. For this special event a full bar, sponsored by Rainier Beer, will be available in the theatre lobby.

Tickets for the UCB Touring Company performances are $16 in advance / $18 at the door
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