David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

People Magazine...

I did a pre-interview with People Magazine today. They are considering doing an article on Nancy Pearl and the Librarian Action figure.

The reporter was strange and I couldn't figure out if her oddness was part of a pose designed to draw me out or if she was just eccentric. She talked to me about smoking pot in her 20s with a group of friends. They came up with the idea for a Jesus Action Figure, she said, as they were passing a joint around. They joked about it for a while and then decided that no one would ever make it, but it was forgotten by the time they lit another one.

When we put our action figure out, her friends all emailed one another about it. She said, "You guys are the lucky ones. Pot heads who have enough conviction make the crazy things you dream up." I agreed with her, but it's not true. No one involved in the creative process at our company uses drugs. At least not seriously.

She gave me a real insight into how People Magazine works. She told me that they would run the article if she and her editor could think up a good photograph to go along with it.

The story is less important than the picture.

At the end of the call she asked me if Nancy Pearl had ever taught someone to read or, you know, something inspiring like that.

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