David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

The Secret Life Of Pugs

I suppose it shouldn't surprise me to find out that Roscoe, my pug, has a secret life that I knew nothing about, but it does. Not that I think he's incapable, it's just a matter of opportunity. I'm with him when he's outside on walks and when I'm gone he's locked in our apartment.

So, when one of our upstairs neighbors told me that Roscoe was his buddy during the day, I was confused. It turns out despite pretending to be scared to go out on the balcony while we're home, Roscoe spends all day out on our porch baking himself in the sun. All day long, our neighbors call out to him and he wags his tail. In fact the neighbor below us, who just moved in, has a shar-pei that I've never seen, but our neighbor told me that Roscoe flirts with her all day. They stare at one another from their balconies and wag at one another.

Other people in the building suspect a romance. Roscoe has a whole group of fans that watch him all day and make up stories about him. Bizarre.

He has actively hidden this life from us, so I'm not confronting him. I'll let him think we don't know. But, one day, I'm going to come home and surprise him as he's dropping snacks onto the balcony below for his shar-pei girlfriend and the whole thing will be blown.
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