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What is round on the end and high in the middle?

I am in Ohio spending time with family.

Right now we are up in Toledo visiting Nancy's mom and nieces. I am in the Toledo Wyndham on the 4th FL. We switched rooms because the first one smelled like cigarette smoke. After walking through the halls and getting our new room, we realized that the whole hotel smells like an ashtray.

In fact, all of Toledo has that kind of vague odor, as if it was a used car owned by a smoker that you bought and no matter what you do, you just can't get the smell out.

Nancy's mom has a 30 pound pug. 30 POUNDS! She's big. I'll post pictures.

On our drive up, we passed the usual assortment of rural Ohio signs, "World's Biggest Cowboy Boots!", "Life Begins at Conception and Ends With a Natural Death", "Be Patriotic, Drive Safely!", there was a handmade, very neatly lettered sign at the end of a country road that read simply, "Bonsai Trees!". We didn't have timed or I would have gone to check it out.

To bed soon. Any good improvathon stories? Email them to me, especially if they're mean!
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