David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

You got served in the MOST AWESOME WAY POSSIBLE!

I admit, even though I know Vanessa, I didn't know what to expect. You see, she's part of my regular poker group and she invited me to a dance contest she was throwing. I said I'd probably go, you know, to support a friend, but I left myself a few outs. I didn't want to get stuck at some horrible embarrassing event. Despite the fact that Vanessa is so unbelievably awesome and cool, I doubted the event. I feel embarrassed now.

The dance off was fantastic!

The basic concept is to have a contest where you have people that aren't professional dancers get together, work up a routine and then dance in front of a huge crowd of friends and family. The cover of the program said it all, "Dance Off 2005: You don't need talent to dance..."

Five teams of dancers were ready to dance. Pictures follow...

Team one, JAZZ HANDS.

Team two, MP3. (Not pictured, this is Vanessa's team, and they were too busy to pose.)(Name stands for, Movement to the POWER of Three.)

Team three, Mmmm...

Team four, National Pleasure.

Team five, United Colors of Dance.

Then came the show. And what a show it was. Jazz hands started the show off quiet. They had only rehearsed for 20 minutes, but what they lacked in fancy moves, they made up for in cute, sassy and repetition.

MP3 took the stage like a storm. They all started in perfect gray suits. Chris humped a briefcase. Then, the suits came off and they were all in their underwear and Chris doused the girls with buckets of water. Perfection!

Mmmm... Did a sexy routine, marred only when one of the male dancers attempted a one armed stage hump and fell off to the side. Still, they were self-assured and had the moves!

National Pleasure did a themed dance. They were telling the story of the American Revolution in Hip Hop. And they had served it up and we ate it, and, well, we all learned something. It started with everyone on stage. (Their character names were on their shirts) The patriots argued. The male serving wench brought everyone together and then they kicked the British in the stomach until they stopped moving. There wasn't a dry eye in the house...

The last group was great, but the lighting was so dark, I couldn't get a picture that was anything but a shapeless blur. They opened with a Missy song and had multiple costume changes. At one point, one was wearing a shirt that said, "This song will..." and the other had a shirt that said, "Make you pregnant!"

Here is the final bow. Who won? I don't know. I had to leave. Hopefully someone else who was there will comment with the winner!

EDIT! The winner was MP3! And I bow to them. They served us and we accepted our serving willingly...
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