David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Ren Fest

Went to the Gig Harbor Ren Fest today with Nancy and cukebrian. Brian was a juggler in a Ren Fest for a few summers when he was a teenager, so he knows the inside scoop.

We had a good time people watching, but it was so damn hot we only stayed for a few hours. It was definitely too hot to be in armor or a full length velvet dress, but there were plenty of them around. One performer, James the Obscure, a storyteller, seemed to be having a heat stroke. He told Brian his secret of staying cool. He pulled out a tiny spray bottle full of clear liquid and said, "Four drops of peppermint oil and the rest is water. May I spray you?"

Speaking of hot, fur pants are not the best clothing choice for 90 degree weather in the sun...

We walked by this guy and Nancy said, "Oh my God, I just totally saw his balls... And they're bald." Thankfully for you, he had covered back up by the time I snapped this picture. But just barely.

We stopped for a bit and watched the queen "knight" all the kids. Very cute.

No comment necessary.

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