David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Rich Little

I love Rich Little. I have really fond memories of seeing him on television and I know for years he was the benchmark for impressionists.

He's a bit older now and, of course, he has a website. All the older celebrities have websites, probably at the suggestion of a child or a personal assistant.

Poor Rich, someone thought it would be great for him to sit down and go through every impression that he does in one recording session and then cut them up into tiny .wav files and post them. It is really hard to go quickly from one impression to another, much less do OVER 150 (!) of them one after another.

Some of them, he nails, (He's still the gold standard for Carson). Others just sound like Rich Little saying a popular line or catch phrase from a celeb or character. He's turned into Andy Kaufman's foreign man doing impressions before he pulls out the Elvis. Seriously, check out Orson Welles or Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's like listening to an uncle who has had a bit too much to drink run through his greatest hits. His Fozzie Bear is bizarre.

Still, who else does Spiro Agnew or Joseph Cotten these days? If you poke around on his site, please point out any gems you find, I probably only listened to 20% of the files.

Not to mention his presidents show! He plays them all! Now these costumes are supposed to be good, this is not a horror show.

Tell me that this is not The Phantom of the Opera:

Or Dr. Frankenstein's Ronald Reagan:

Or this Fred Willard costume that they think looks like JFK:

Or a costume so bad you wouldn't guess if it didn't say who it was:

I leave you with a giant Franken-Reagan behind the cut!

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