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Just How Spoiled My Pug Is...

I don't think I've ever revealed this in my journal before, but Roscoe refuses to drink out of a bowl of water. We still sometimes go through the motions of leaving him water next to his food, but it will just sit untouched until he accidently knocks a single kibble of food into it and, eventually, the kibble bloats and then explodes into a brown cloud. We take the dirty bowl, dump the water and start the whole process over again. i don't think he's ever considered drinking that water.

How does he get water then? Does he absorb it magically through the air? Does he lay on his back with his mouth open waiting for the Seattle sky to provide it? No, all this is too common for him, he'll only drink it from the faucet in the bathtub. It used to be cute. (EDIT: Nancy says, it is definitely still cute.) He'd jump into the tub and make a little grumble noise or snort loudly until I came in and turned it on. But, as he's gotten older, it's become a bigger process.

After we moved, the tub went from having just a regular curtain to having a glass door. He immediately tried to jump into the tub while the glass door was closed and smashed his delicate flat face against the glass full force. Now, he barks outside the tub for me to come and lift him in. And I do, I lift him into the tub and set him down gently.

Even that is no longer enough. He won't drink unless I stand and watch him the whole time he's drinking. Believe me, he spends the whole time checking to make sure I'm still there. Lap lap lap, turn head slightly to make sure David is still there, lap lap lap, turn... If I leave, the drinking stops until I come back. Then, he waits for me to lift him out of the tub.

If the water is too forceful out of the faucet he won't drink. If it's just a little too hard, he'll make a point of lifting one of his paws into the air while he drinks so only one paw gets damp. There can be no object on the floor of the tub. No razor or shampoo bottle. Those things need to be cleared away or the process has to start completely over.

Once I filled the tub a bit as a joke. I lifted him in and as soon as his delicate paws touched water he jumped out himself. Without getting lifted. He made it very clear to me that it wasn't very funny. So, I emptied the tub, turned on the faucet and only then would he get in and drink. The whole time staring at me like I was a big jerk.

Multiply this process by how many times a pug gets thirsty in a day and you start to get a picture of just how well trained I am.

He's just about done eating now, so I have to get ready for his after dinner drink.

He's 8 years old today, so, at his age, there's no hope of changing him...

Note the straight tail because I made him wait.

The paw is raised. I turned the water on too hard.
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