David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Orson and Ed

I have written about this before, but I wanted to restate it.

I have divided the two artistic drives in my head and named one "Orson Welles" and the other "Ed Wood". These are not based too specifically on actual biographical facts about the two, but more the spirit they embody.

Orson is results oriented and can't stand to see the finished product as anything less than perfect. Orson has trouble with process and abandons projects or has them taken away from him before they're finished. He would rather quit than see anything mediocre come from his efforts.

Ed loves process. In fact, he smiles the whole time he's working. He hates to do things again. He has already done it. Who cares if the tombstone moved? We got the shot lets move on. Once the product is finished, it's great! I made it, so it's great!

I think that most of my trouble with creating art comes from trying to balance Orson and Ed. You can't be 100% either one and be a successful and happy creative person. I used to be far more Orson than Ed, but doing improv has made my Ed side pop out more.

Here are some things than I have noticed about them working together. Let Ed write your first drafts. Hide them from Orson if you have to. Orson can approve the initial idea, but let Ed run with it. Orson will be happy to rewrite for you when it comes time to do it.

There always comes time when it's finished, but if you leave it up to Orson, it will sit somewhere until it's perfect. (Meaning it will never be finished.) Eventually, you have to let Ed take control and release it. That's hard if you're an Orson. You have to take the credit and the blame for what you produce.

I prefer to be Ed. It's great to exist in a world where you are free to run around like a crazy person and never make a mistake. I think I'm moving into a big Ed phase in the near future, so Orson apologizes for the crap you will probably be subjected to.
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