David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Suzanne Somers ROCKS the SLAM!

OK, so I usually write things and then attribute them to celebrities, but today as I was moving, I found my copy of Suzanne Somers actual book of poetry called, "Touch Me"! First published in 1973, but then republished in 1980. Cause it was so good. Everything is sic and copyrighted to Chrissy.

I thought I would post a few for your pleasure.


Sometimes I want to be a little girl-
To hear stories of princes
Kissing sleeping maidens
And castles towering high on mountains
Where elegant men
Waltz with willowy ladies
To soft violins
As stars blink their eyes
In the glow of the moon.

Sometimes I want to be a little girl-
To eat popcorn and animal crackers,
And soft, sugary fudge;
To giggle behind closed doors
At guessing games and secrets;
To wear floppy slippers and chew my pigtails
At ghosts and witches wandering in the night -
Cuddling beneath howling winds and rain on the roof.

Sometimes I want to be a little girl-
So touch my cheeks lightly,
Play with my hair,
Stroke me
Without passion or grasping
Without expectations,
In feather beds and gentleness-
Because I am a little girl.


There are rules
For beautiful girls to abide by;
You must notice other women
Or you are a snob
And you must let their men alone
Because every worthwhile man
Belongs to someone.
So men stand back
In deference to their wives
And women stand back
To watch their husbands
And only bores step forward
To tell interminable tales
And get so close
And so enthusiastic
That little spitballs fleck your nose.
And even the single guys
Who look special and exciting
Stand back and give ways to the bores
Figuring that a girl as beautiful as you are
Certainly wouldn't have free time.
But you do - lots of it -
Because there are rules - lots of rules -
For beautiful girls.
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