David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Robert Blake crazytalk...

No matter how you feel about Robert Blake, you have to admit that his speech after his verdict was a world class crazytalk rant. It's a weird mix of babble, not bothering to explain yourself and bizzare inappropriate jokes and stories.

Here is just a snippet after a reporter asked him what he was going to do next:

"I’m going to get a job. I’m broke. Right now, I couldn’t buy spats for a hummingbird. What did Johnny Carson say? You’re innocent until proven broke. Well, by the time Gerry and these troops got here, it was the bottom of the barrel. I was a rich man. I’m broke now. I got to go to work.
But before that, I’m going to go out and do a little cowboying. Do you know what that is? No, you don’t know what that is.

Cowboying is when you get in a motor home or a van or something like that, and you just let the air blow in your hair, and you wind up in some little bar in Arizona someplace, and you shoot one-handed nine ball with some 90-year-old Portuguese woman that beats the hell out of you.

And the next day, you wind up in a park someplace playing chess with somebody. You go see a high school play where they’re doing “West Side Story.” And you just roam around and get some revitalization, that there are human beings in the world, that there are people living their lives that have no agenda, that have no agenda.

I’ve been involved in a world where, you know, the mafia is saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Well, in this world that I’ve been in, it’s very much that way. People drift from one side to the other in five minutes, and you never know where you are, who’s on your side or who’s not on your side."
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