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So, someone at Bookslut interviewed Richard Hell, musician and writer, and sent him the interview and introduction for approval. Mr. Hell took exception to the introduction.

I thought a lot of the slam people would be interested. I've read a lot of the discussions about criticism that have been going on, but haven't commented. I think this take on it is really interesting. Extra points to the writer for including the entire exchange with the interview. Oh, and points to Richard Hell for admitting he asked Ginsberg for a poem for his tiny lit mag and then rejected it.

This is the best exchange.

As a poet now, Richard Hell is perhaps not as good as he could have been had he not spent upwards of twenty years playing music.

Fuck you. If you want to say something like that, say it to my face. You don't hear me making claims about how "good" my poetry is, but who the fuck do you think you are? All this writing of yours is presented as if you're a person called upon to make judgments from some position of earned respect. That's not who you are. You're a callow kid with a job reading slush for a pretentious irrelevant "poetry" magazine [Poetry, not Bookslut]. You sought an interview from me, I was kind enough to grant it, and now you're being an asshole by exercising some grotesquely deluded misapprehension that your role in this includes some call to fucking critically assess my skills. Also, it was not twenty but ten years I spent with bands.
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