David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie


Nancy travels a lot for work and she always uses the same car service. Over time, she has become friends with the owner and he always schedules himself as the person to come and pick her up. He just returned from a trip back to his native Bulgaria.

As a gift, he brought Nancy a liter water bottle of his father-in-law's plum moonshine. It's basically just alcohol with a little plum flavoring. We were debating wether or not to try yesterday and I finally built up the courage to take a sip.

The guy's only advice had been to drink slowly and not to drink much. I put just a tiny drop, enough to cover the bottom of the glass, in and let it touch my lip. It smelled like delicious plum turpentine.

I drank it slowly, it numbed my lip and tongue. It hits like a hammer. The oddest sensation was that I could feel the skin on the palms of my hands. It was almost instant, a cloud went over my brain and I was aware of my movements.

I went to bed soon after. Today, my brain is a bit cloudy.
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