David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

My, your balls smell so good...

My buddy Greg had his bowling ball and shoes stolen out of the back of his car and the kind folks on his bowling team banded together and collected the money to replace them. Saturday he had an appointment with Verl at the Sunset to buy his ball and have the holes drilled. He looked over all the balls and found one he liked and asked about the price. Verl told him, but he also said, "That one smells like Pina Colada."

Greg couldn't believe it. It seems this chemist who designed fragrances for deodorizers started a bowling ball company with the idea that he could make brighter colored balls. To set himself apart one step further, he added some scent to the outer casing. Enough to last ten years.

So, he ended up with a grape scented ball. I'm thinking cinnamon for myself. Mmmm.... I just want my own ball, right now the ball at the alley smells like other people's fingers and that's not a good thing.

Greg said it made his car smell great.

Special for mallmalcontent.

What is purple and bisexual?

Alexander the Grape
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