David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Talking the talk, stumbling the walk...

Ok. It's my own fault. I got all excited when randomwave directed me to the energy drink made from the saliva that larvae produce to feed fully grown GIANT WASPS!

Here is the process pictorially from their website:

So now, someone ordered it for me. I have a pack of it in front of me on my desk. I know I don't want to drink it at work. If it does give me energy, I'll still be chained to my desk for hours.

I'm a little afraid. What if I turn into a wasp? Well according to the website, at least I would be the baddest ass wasp in the known world:
Giant hornets known as Vespa Mandarina Japonica, with bodies no bigger than 5cm, can fly 50 miles in a single day at 20 miles per hour. This would be the equivalent of a human running over two full marathons. And it takes only 4-5 of these hornets to kill more than 10,000 honeybees and other insects. What is the secret to this remarkable stamina? It is from the nutrient liquid produced by hornet larvae.
It also said that they have been known to lift six pounds.

That's a lot for a wasp.

Maybe I'll drink it tomorrow. Then I'll lift something ten times my mass. Like a car.
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