David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Roscoe Update (For the dog people. Otherwise, move along.)

It has been a difficult week for pugs.

Last Friday, Nancy noticed that Roscoe's ears, which had been bothering him for a while, were producing thick gunk. We took him to the vet and they said that he STILL had fleas and an ear infection and ear yeast! The infection was bad enough that they couldn't treat the yeast, just the infection. So, they prescribed him steroids and antibiotics. The steroids were to reduce the swelling in his ears and make him more comfortable. Also, they gave him the once a month flea drops (four months worth), to dribble on his back, that are supposed to kill all his fleas within 12 hours.

The vet tried to look in his ears, but Roscoe was having no part in it. He pulled away from her and tucked his head neatly in my armpit.

Yesterday, I took him back for a return visit. The steroids had caused him to gain a full pound in the last week. (Well, that and the fact that the only way we can get him to take pills without forcing him is to tuck them in a piece of lightly microwaved cheese.) His ear had healed enough from the infection that we can start to treat his yeast. So, they gave him drops for that, three in each ear twice a day, AND ear cleanser that we are supposed to use to flush out his ears once every three days.

They said they wanted to flush out his ears there in the office. I volunteered to hold him down, but they said it was always easier without the owner. I shrugged it off. I mean, if they say so... I know from experience that he is a wriggly little beast when he wants to be, but I have wrestled with him enough that he knows to give up in the end. Well, it took three nurses and fifteen minutes to hold him down, he's only a 25 pound dog, while the vet washed out his ears and applied the drops. When he came out, his eyes were crazy and the staff looked dazed. I asked if he was good and the nurse said, "Well, he didn't bite or growl, but he sure put up a good fight. It was like trying to catch a greased pig."

Good for him. He still had his pride. He had fought as hard as could and lost. Nothing wrong with that.

It would have been easier if I had done it. This morning I was able to do his drops by myself.

As I look at him now, he has a philosophical look on his face as he sits in the sun considering the state of his world. It was a hard week to be a pug.

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