David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie


A yellow-stained beaker at his feet was no longer a challenge for an aim long since perfected: his urine arced and its splash into the glass was as gentle as that of the lazy waves his ship cut through. Soon, he rebuttoned his pants - cut-off jeans, much older than he - and plucked the beaker of precious yellow fluid from the deck and proceeded to his homemade water recycling system. He poured the piss into the plastic funnel that began the process and stood tapping his foot while the liquid made its passage through the globes and filters and hoses and valves of a contraption whose design had been sold to him at an atoll by a wizened old trader who claimed the original inventor had been "a very great scienctist in the Land Days, named Rube Goldberg."
By the time the liquid finished its tortuous journey, and a spigot was turned and the stuff allowed to puddle back into the original beacker, held beneath the contraption by the thirsty Mariner, the urine's yellow cast was but a pale memory.
He held the beaker to his lips, threw back his head, and returned the liquid to his body, saving and sloshing one last gulp, cleaning his teeth, then spitting the remainder with his usual accuracy at the dirt around his potted lime tree.

Name the source of this quote and the three writers credited for it and I will send you The Cube office of your choice. First correct answer only!
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