David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

I love a scam...

So, this guy at my work got a spam email that said, "TURN YOUR REGULAR TV INTO A 150" BIG SCREEN TV ONLY $24.95" and he paid the money. He talked about it with everyone. Bragged he was going to get it. Invited people over to watch football.

It reminded me of the scam from the 20s where you would put an add in the back of a magazine that said, "WORKING SEWING MACHINE $1" and when you got the package, there was a needle and thread inside. I didn't know specifically, in this case, what the needle and thread were going to be, but I was interested in finding out.

It arrived in a flat catalog sized envelope. Inside, there was a xeroxed piece of paper, instructions, and a flimsy transparent sheet of plastic. The plastic was a fresnel lens. You see, the idea was that you would build a cardboard holder around your TV and mount the lens in front of the screen and it would project the picture onto the wall. He was really pleased with his purchase and couldn't wait to get it home.

Here is the genius part of the scam. The lens projects the picture upside down. So, they suggest that you send them another $24.95 for another lens so that it can turn the picture back around the other way.

This isn't the same company, but the same idea.

I said, "You aren't really considering sending them another $24.95, are you?"

He said, "No, of course not, I'm going to hang my television from the ceiling, upside down, with a bungee cord."

I love the idea that he is at home right now, trying to suspend his television from the ceiling and then building a cardboard case around it so that he can watch his porn on the wall.

Maybe he should just spend the extra $24.95.
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