David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Star Trek Week

I watched Trekkies 2 this week. Trekkies, if you haven't seen it, is a great documentary that shows the lives of intense Star Trek fans. Not in a way that makes fun of them, but in a way that allows them to reveal themselves in all their nerdy glory. Trekkies focussed on Americans. Trekkies 2 follows up on the Americans, but it also shows Trekkies around the world. Great stuff. Worth getting just for the chance to see what nerds in Serbia are like.

One of the Americans they follow up on is the woman in Little Rock who wore her Star Trek uniform to the Whitewater trial. She is now the most famous Trekkie in the world. She talked about what a positive reaction she got from people when she wore her uniform and how it made people happy.

In honor of her, I went as a Sci Fi nerd for Halloween. (I know, quite a stretch.) Most of the stuff I took off whenever I could, but the shirt stayed on all day. At one point, I was picking up some cupcakes at Cupcake Royale (delicious peppermint frosting, yum!) and I forgot I was wearing the Star Trek shirt. Really, I was just walking through Ballard, carrying a box of cupcakes while people stared at me. I started to notice that everyone around me was smiling and happy. People were waving at me.

I just waved back, I'm a simple man, I didn't even think to question it. Then, I remembered I was wearing the Star Trek science officer's shirt. Strange experience. I can see why someone could get addicted to wearing the uniform. It makes people happy. Some probably feel superior to you, laughing at you, but most, I think, are just smiling. It is really fun to see someone who enjoys something so much that they dress up in a special way.

Here was my costume:

Here are more costumes from the store on Truckstop of the Damned day.
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