David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

I guess I deserved it.

Things I have used instead of "Sincerely," to end my emails this week. (Yes, some were business emails):

If there's a rainbow that everyone else can see except for you, it's not because it isn't there, it's because you're the pot of gold at the end!

You are a ray of sunshine that shines directly on my heart!

If life were nothing but trick or treating, you'd be the house giving out whole full size Hershey bars.

Who's the best print buyer in the world? You are! You are! Yes you are!

Can I have your autograph? Because in my eyes you are a supernova sized STAR!

You are the fuzz on the peach!

In a handful of pocket change, you are the shiniest penny.

An email from you is like getting an ehug from the whole internet!

I'm making up a new word for how great you are! Magnabulous!

Finding your company was just like finding a framed paint by number clown for just a $1 at a garage sale!

Today, a couple of guys from our graphics department had an intervention and told me to stop. They said they thought that I was being sarcastic and it if I wasn't it was just plain creepy.

Oh well...
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