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Star Wars DVD Easter Egg...

Directions from dvdreview about how to access the Star Wars Blooper Reel on the Trilogy DVDs. It's very funny, covers all three movies, and it's too short.

Star Wars Trilogy
On 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/Lucasfilm’s release of the original 'Star Wars Trilogy' you can once again find a cool little hidden feature.

To find it insert the fourth disc of the set, the one containing all the special features. From the Main Menu go to the 'Video Games and Still Galleries' section. On the following screen use your remote control to type '11' and then press the 'Enter' key. Depending on your DVD player model you may have to press the '10+' and then the '1' key. Next, type '3' followed by the 'Enter' key and then '8' once again followed by 'Enter.' This will give you access to an almost 5-minute long blooper reel with the DVD credits, consisting of hilarious clips from all three films.

All three movies also have three different kinds of menus that are selected at random when you boot up the disc. If you want to switch to any particular menu set, you can do so with a little trick, too. To get the first menu, simply press the 'Audio' button on your remote control while the FBI logo is visible. To boot up the second menu, press the '2' button during the FBI screen and in order to get to the third menu layout, press '12' – it may be '10+' and '2' depending on your player – and then press the '2' button once again.
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