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I went down to Seattle Center today for the Robot Festival! (It's going on tomorrow too, if anyone wants to go.) The big attraction is that people make robots to fight one another in the plastic arena. There was one commentator who tried to whip up excitement from the crowd.

The arena with the bloodthirsty crowd of tourists and children!

This is a really cool robot that was built to find red objects and move towards them. A woman held a red t-shirt out like a bullfighter and led it in circles. My theory is that the guy that built it really likes women with red hair and he built the robot to stalk them for him. I could be wrong about that.

This guy built his own Dalek! How cool is that?

This guy was saying this to the woman as I took the picture, "It's hooked up to the internet, so from anywhere in the whole world I can command it to move around my house."

Kids looking at solar robots.

This is an exoskeleton someone was building. He was delivering a paper on it, but I didn't stay to hear it.

A damaged warrior robot. It used to have CDs glued to its side.

For some of the battles, they put plastic people in the robots. They would get knocked out and then pummeled. At one point they had to stop a match because a plastic arm got wedged in the tread of one of the robots. The commentator said, "That 's the best part about robot battles, no one gets hurt... Except the robots."

This guy just wanted to bring a little Jesus to the robot people. He's like a hippy prospector. Or something.
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