David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Whose Line is it? Mine.

OK, sorry, I haven't read my friends list this weekend. I have done over 20 (nonconsecutive) hours of improv at my improv group's 50 hour improvathon. Congrats to catania for doing all 50. I think you're crazy, but I'm impressed. Did I have a mountawesome time? Hell yes.

You see, last night, I got to perform with Ryan Stiles. You know him... Drew Carey show... Tall guy on Whose Line Is It Anyway?... He came to support out theater and performed for about 3 hours. While it was happening, I was happy, but it didn't sink in. Then, this morning I had a flashback moment to the first apartment Nancy and I had together. We would sit and watch Comedy Central reruns of the original British version of the show. I remember the moment when I thought to myself, Hey, I could do that. I could perform with him.

Then 10 years later I'm onstage performing an improvised musical with him. I'm MCing a show and guiding him into scenes and getting suggestions. Just fantastic. I mentioned the connection to Nancy and she teared up as well. It was like something both of us had imagined and forgotten about years ago had finally happened. You don't remember you even had the dream until after it was over.

He was extremely nice, gracious and an excellent improviser. He is taller than I am and, like me, all his height is in his torso. cukebrian got a picture of me standing next to him which I will post when he emails it to me. (hint, hint)

Other great memories.

About 40 hours in, catania saying to me during a break, "You know, I'm tired of pretending to be other people."

I love playing goldenfyre's mom during the Women's hour.

After it was over, catania said, "You know, I feel fine. All except my nose. I feel like my nose is fake. It's not a real nose."

The Cabinets.

cukebrian breaking down and asking Ryan Stiles for a picture.

Ugh, lots more, I'm just tired and need to get some sleep. I promise to catch up on your journals tomorrow.
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