David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Walk Conversation...

Out taking Roscoe for his morning walk I ran into a neighbor I hadn't seen in a while. I only know her because she has a Tibetan Terrier and she usually walks him in the morning about the same time that I walk Roscoe.

Her dog does not like Roscoe, which is fine, but she insists that he does and will stand and talk to me while her dog lunges at Roscoe. He runs out to the end of his leash and is snapped back. Today he was especially angry at Roscoe. Spit was flying all over the place.

Her dog had its hair cut short.

"He has his hair cut short because he's going to the doctor's today to get his hips x-rayed to check for hip displasia."

I nodded.

"His going to breed soon, and he has to get all checked out. His sister just had a litter of puppies."

"That's nice," I said.

"Since he saw that, all he thinks about is making love."

Insert sound of needle being pulled off record and making that loud screeching sound here. I looked up at her face, she's in her 40's and a boring academic type.

She then said, "Aw'ight." You know the sound. It's the sound white people make when they are trying to say "alright" like a black guest on Riki Lake.

At that moment I wanted to get away. I knew this conversation had begun its descent into the horrible. No more. Please. Too early.

I said, "Ahhhh..."

She said, "He has certainly seen his share of sex and I know it fascinates him because he watches so closely. He just sits and stares at us. I know he's jealous."

Must leave. Her dog barking loudly. Cannot escape. Error error. Buzzing in head.

"Pretty soon I'll be watching him have sex with a little girl and I'll be the jealous one."

Me mumbling, "Uhh... Late for work... Have to go..."

Her dog still barking and snarling, the leash fully extended as he tries to grab Roscoe by the throat.

"He has a big penis, you know, for a Tibetan Terrier. He's looking forward to putting it to good use."
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