David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Brian Wilson

Two quick bits from recent Brian Wilson interviews as quoted on smileysmile.

First, Brian's opinion of the Rolling Stones from the NY Times:
NYT: And you also have a new solo recording that just came out, ''Gettin' In Over My Head.'' Is it any good?

BW: Each song is different. They're not all the same like the Rolling Stones. You know, Rolling Stones songs all sound kind of the same.

NYT: Mick Jagger probably thinks Beach Boys songs all sound the same.

BW: Probably so.

NYT: Do you think that the Beach Boys were more artistically adventurous than the Rolling Stones?

BW: I think we're about even. The Beach Boys were a pretty good singing group, but the Stones played their instruments better.

Second, any guesses as to who this story is about? From Newsweek:
When a certain famous rock star asked for an autograph on "Pet Sounds," Wilson wrote, "Thanks for all the great songs," thought for a moment and then crossed out "great" and wrote "good."
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